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Ever dreamt of experiencing the magic of London theatre without ​breaking the bank? Well, dream no more! This page is your one-stop ​shop for incredible promo codes on the best theatre shows in town, all ​curated by me.

I take no commission from these amazing offers. My curation is totally ​independent. My only motivation is pure passion. I want to see inspiring ​artists and theatremakers thrive, and I want YOU to experience the joy of ​live performance

Most of my promo codes are exclusively for People of Theatre, you ​won’t find them anywhere else!

So keep checking back – this page is your ever-growing curated ​collection of inspiring theatrical treats!

Remember, a promo code doesn't mean a show is selling poorly or isn't ​of high quality. I handpick shows and negotiate promo codes based on ​their artistic values, not their sales figure. For me, it's all about making ​amazing shows more accessible to all of us.

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BEATS King s Head Theatre 18 27 April

A pulsating and ​magnetic celebration ​of rebellion and ​resistance; centred ​on the power of ​gathered youth, and ​the power of protest.

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GISELLE REMIX The Pleasance 10 27 April

An anarchic,

punk-reimagining of the ​classic ballet returns to ​subvert this timeless ​story of love, loss, ​revenge, redemption and ​forgiveness.

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IS DAT U YH Brixton House 17 27 April

Tolu and the “Back Of the ​Bus Queens” relive and ​rediscover their love of ​home, in this joyous and ​whacky adventure down ​memory lane. Surreal ​memories, short stories, ​and nonsense!

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Enjoy handpicked theatre shows that surprise and inspire carefully ​curated by me. Save this webpage in your bookmarks for future ​reference.

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